A church that will always seek to be the body of Jesus, on mission to our community and to our world.

Crestline Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist Church, is a "Traditional" church in that it uses hymnals and a piano, and sings mostly hymns in the worship service. The Bible is taught and read as being the inerrant and infallible Word of God.  The preaching is expository and the worship is vibrant and joyful.  The Worship services and Bibles studies are "come as you are and wear what you have" - we are more concerned about your heart than a dress code. 

Everyone Is Welcome at Crestline Baptist Church!

2206 E. 44th Ave, Spokane, WA  99223


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Come meet our church family - we believe you'll love this place as much as we do! 

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Patrick Collins, pastor of  Crestline Baptist Church was ordained in 2016 and served as the interim pastor beginning May 2017.  He is now in the ministry as a full-time pastor.

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We believe that God has a plan for all seasons of our lives - so our ministries reflect that!

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QUESTIONS IN LIFE THAT everyone must answer...

There are questions in life that each individual must face, and answer in their lifetime.  Questions that many people try to avoid - but there is no denying that each of us have thought about them and they haunt us...

    If I were to die today, where would my soul be?

    Where will I spend eternity?

    What happens when I die?

Here at Crestline Baptist, we want to share to you the greatest gift that anyone could have in their lifetime.  Please click HERE to learn more about the Gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.