The folks at Crestline Baptist are not the only residents at 2206 E. 44th Ave! We love to support other congregations!

In the past, we've been blessed to host ministries to Muslims in Spokane, house churches, and more. At the present, there are three independent congregations that worship together in this building. While CBC is a more established and traditional church, the other two congregations are relatively new church plants. 


crestline baptist

11 am Sundays

Crestline Baptist Church, a Southern Baptist Church, is a "Traditional" church in that it uses hymnals and a piano, and sings mostly hymns in the worship service.  It has a Sunday School for all ages, Discipleship Training hour in the evening for more in-depth teaching, and both an evening worship service and a Wednesday evening prayer time and Bible study.  

Pinnacle church

9 am Sundays

Pinnacle Church, a Southern Baptist Church, is part of the Pinnacle church planting network. The church is contemporary in its style of worship and music.  Instead of a Sunday School hour, it has 4 different small groups that meet during the week around the Spokane area. It has an early worship service on Sunday at 8 am and then the main service at 9am.  At the 9 am hour it also has a separate children's program.  Pastor Stephen Ward is the lead pastor. For more information about Pinnacle Church go to:

Disciples church

1 pm Sundays

Disciples Church is a church plant from Pilgrim Baptist Church in downtown Spokane. Disciples Church is an English speaking second generation Russian church. It is seeking to reach immigrants from all around the world. Currently it is ministering to many from Africa. The worship is contemporary with an amazing Russian/African accent. Aleks Borisov is the pastor. The church meets at 1 pm each Sunday.